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If you need big and accuratly annotated dataset for training your Neural Network, but you are facing lack of data or non-reliable annotators, or your annotators team are from different geographical locations, then we are here to help you.

Our platform enables project managers and researchers to outsource the annotation of their dataset. Along with assiting annotators with a wide range of tools for easy annotation, our intelligent platform contiously monitor annotators behaviours to ensure of high qaulity annotation.

Our state-of-the-art data augmenters and translators also enable users to improve their dataset generalization and size.

A word from the founder

After several years of experience in machine learning and big data, we are keenly aware of the importance and challenges of generating high-quality datasets for Neural Networks. That is why we are committed to supporting research communities and industries for having a low-cost high-quality dataset for their models. We are fully committed to our values as we pursue further development in 2021.

Saber Mirzaee Bafti


Our Services

Data Annotation

We provide a complete solution for the annotation of your AI dataset. A holistic toolbox for annotating your image dataset, including instance and semantic segmentation.


We provide a powerful and user-friendly environment for outsourcing your data annotation task to a vast group of people across the world.

Data Management

We provide a user-friendly environment to manage, store and share your data. You can share your dataset with others or ask them for access to their dataset.

Asstistive tools

We provide an auto-annotation mechanism to assists annotators through the process of data annotation, along with an auto quality control unit.

Data Augmentation

We provide different data augmentation and visualization tools to increase the dataset's size. Of course no need to annotate the synthesized data.

Image Translation

We provide a wide range of image translation tools to transfer the domain of your image data if you do not have access to your target dataset.

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